1. Where are Melissa shoes made?

Melissa shoes are 100% made in Brazil by Grendene that is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of synthetic footwear that has over 40 years of experience.

2. What are Melissa shoes made from?

Melissa shoes are made with its own trademark material, MELFLEX™, a type of PVC that is 100% recyclable, flexible, resistant and comfortable.  Melissa products do not contain any component of animal origin, or go through animal-testing throughout its entire process of production. Today, its iconic jelly shoes are now officially registered as vegan-friendly by The Original Vegan Society.

3. Are your products authentic?

Yes, they are! We are the official authorised distributor of Melissa shoes in Vietnam. 

Beware of fakes! Due to Melissa’s popularity, counterfeits are easily available everywhere and their quality is vastly inferior. One way to identify the genuineness is through the sweet bubblegum scent. Another most obvious sign would be on the sole of the shoes – where you can find Melissa’s official logo together with the guarantee that it is made in Brazil. We recommend buying only from authorised retail outlets for guaranteed authenticity and a peace of mind.

4. When will my order be processed?

Right after payment was made and confirmed, we will shortly processed them.

5. Does process order that is made during weekend?

For orders in the afternoon Saturday and Sunday will be processed on next Monday.

6. What are the accepted payment methods?

  • Bank transfer with Credit card (Visa and Master card)

  • Onepay

7. Will I receive any confirmation after placing an order?

A confirmation email will be sent to you within 24 hours. A following email will be sent regarding the shipping and the tracking information.

8. Can I cancel or change my order?

Any order that has been submitted are not able to be changed or cancelled. This is due to our system priority in completing your order as soon as possible. For more inquiries regarding the matter, please contact our Customer Service Department via:

  • email to