Founded in 1979, Melissa is recognized in Brazil and around the world for its curatorial work in fashion, art and design, in addition to the innovative development of its key raw material: plastic. Back in the 80’s, they signed their first international partnership agreement with renowned fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, then raising the banner of affordable luxury and democratization of design.
Since then, more than 20 partnership agreements with illustrious names in fashion, design, music and celebrities were signed. In the beginning, it was not only Jean Paul Gaultier. Thierry Mugler and Patrick Cox also created head-turning pieces because of their innovation and boldness. 2004 was the beginning of the lasting and successful partnership with the renowned Campana Brothers.
Designers J. Maskrey, an English lady renowned for her work with crystals, and Karim Rashid, an Egyptian man, known as the “Prince of Plastic”, were the next ones to sign their Melissas. In 2008, two extraordinary women joined the list: the British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid.
In recent years, Melissa has continued to surprise their fans with partnerships such as with the talented Gareth Pugh, from London, and with the charismatic Jason Wu, from Taipei, two strong names of the new generation of couture designers. More recently, the beautiful Alessandra Ambrósio and the redhead Julia Petit have also customized brand models, beside Brazilian fashion designer Pedro Lourenço and the traditional English stamping brand Liberty Art Fabrics.
The aim of the brand is to go for what’s new, launching and recreating trends, and the outcome of that work is already recognized in the four corners of the world! Proving this, in 2009, Melissa had two models mentioned in the book “Fifty Shoes That Changed the World”, produced by the Design Museum London. Melissa Lady Dragon + Vivienne Westwood and Melissa + Zaha Hadid were those elected by the publication.