Color Me

Color Me

One of the phenomena that build our reality is color, which changes the way we experience everything around us. It is a sublime form of communication that makes it possible to feel the taste of orange and the peacefulnessof blue. But how does Melissa uniquely see colors? What is our ownership on them? This reflection moved the brand and is the foundation for its newest collection, to be offered in physical and virtual stores in early August, named Color Me.

Along with plastic, Melissa turns colors into something extraordinary. For 40 years, it has colored the world, reinvented, included, made this pairing one of the most important in the Brazilian fashion history, and is representative like few others in the international scenario, easily identified in many places around the globe. In Color Me,its campaign for the second half of 2019, with an eye on the 2020 season, the brand pays tribute to its many tones and possibilities. A plural, collective and, at the same time, subjective collection - how dares to understand the perception of others about a tone, if each individual has their own filters?

One of the stars of the campaign is the singer and fashion influencer Manu Gavassi, partner to Melissa, featured along other models that portray the DNA and fun style that are so characteristic to the brand.



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Color Me
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